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Since 2010, I’ve worked as an editor and creative writing teacher,

helping others find and fine-tune their style. I provide developmental

and line edits on manuscripts, proposals, and short prose, as well as

MFA applications and query letters.  

My career began in the higher education division of Oxford University Press, where I helped edit the music list (The Oxford History of Western Music). I then worked as an In-House Editor and Foreign Rights Manager at The Friedrich Agency, editing the fiction and nonfiction of select

clients, such as Lesley M.M. Blume, Hallgrímur Helgason, Elizabeth Kelly,

Rufi Thorpe, and John Verdon, and selling translation rights for the agency, including authors Karen Joy Fowler, Ruth Ozeki, and Jane Smiley.


In 2015, I moved to Charlottesville to earn my MFA in fiction at the University of Virginia, where I was a Poe/Faulkner Fellow and the Nonfiction Editor of Meridian: A Semi-Annual.

For a quote, please send a description of your project, including word count, genre, and time frame: 

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"How gracefully you delivered the (bracing) news as

you read my manuscript! I already knew how smart and

spot-on you were...but now I've also seen how sharp–– 

yet kind––you can be in pointing to what needs to be

rethought and revised in a book about the craft of

writing itself. From single words to passages to that most

elusive and potent element, tone, you set me gently straight. Splendid editing: thank you." 

-- Jane Alison, author of Meander, Spiral, Explode:

Design and Pattern in Narrative (Catapult, 2019),

and six previous books of fiction and nonfiction   

"I worked with Nichole at The Friedrich Agency where

she edited my essays and provided valuable feedback

on my novels. She is whip-smart, astute, funny, wise,

and has tremendous story instincts. She has saved me

from myself many times with her clarity and steady


-- Rufi Thorpe, author of The Girls from Corona

del Mar and Dear Fang, with Love (Knopf)



       “This course challenged me to think in a way I never have                                  “A wonderful, wonderful teacher.” 

        before. I genuinely feel like I grew as an intellectual.” 

       “Nichole was a shining light for students who had always                                  “Nichole offered a lot and expected a lot—which I

        wanted to write but lacked the space, encouragement, or                                   appreciated. She didn’t sugarcoat or water down the class." 

        guidance to feel confident.

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