Selected Publications 


"The Beginning of Memory," Fourth Genre, June 2022 (print) 

"Falling," Catapult, June 2022

"Lines, Lineage, and Light: On Jazmina Barrera's Linea Nigra," 

Los Angeles Review of Books, May 2022

"Theory of Harmony," Ninth LetterJanuary 2021 (print)

"Holding On: Ridiculous Light by V. Robin," The Rumpus, June 2019

"Self-Portrait as Blue Self-Portrait," On the Seawall, October 2018

"That Complex Ghost," Los Angeles Review of BooksSeptember 2018


"A Tale of Two Sylvias," Lit Hub, October 2017


"Love in Lilac Velcro," The Toast (edited by Roxane Gay), April 2015


"The Mouse and the Elephant," forthcoming in Southeast Review, 2022

"My Mother, Killing a Lizard," Paper Darts, September 2017


"A Story Can Be a Sonnet,"Vol. 1 Brooklyn, September 2015


"Aberrations, Anomalies," Necessary Fiction, March 2015

"Carmella," Gigantic Sequins, January 2014 (print)

"Other Woods," The L Magazine's Summer Fiction Issue, 2013



"And so mistrust" and "We both know it could happen," Western Humanities Review, Spring 2020​ (print)

"Three at the Bar on the Fourth of July," Prairie SchoonerSummer 2017 (print)


"How to Know People by Their Hands," Barrelhouse, Summer 2017 (print)


"Attempt at a Casual Relationship," NECK, Volume One, September 2017 (print)