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Selected Publications


"On Reading The Postcard and Reclaiming Jewish Stories," On the Seawall, July 2023​

"The Beginning of Memory," Fourth Genre, June 2022 (print) ​

"Falling," Catapult, June 2022

"Theory of Harmony," Ninth Letter, January 2021 (print)​

"Self-Portrait as Blue Self-Portrait," On the Seawall, October 2018

"A Tale of Two Sylvias," Lit Hub, October 2017​

"Love in Lilac Velcro," The Toast, April 2015



"Living Out of Time: On Jinwoo Chong's Flux," Salamander, June 2023 (print) ​

"I Don't Feel It: On The Reddest Rose by Liv Strömquist," Words Without Borders, January 2023

On Anneli Furmark's Walk Me to the Corner, Words Without Borders, January 2023​

A Review of A Line in the World, On the Seawall, November 2022 (named one of the best book reviews of 2022 by Lit Hub

A Review of Lisa Russ Spaar's Paradise Close, Adroit, October 2022 

"Lines, Lineage, and Light in Jazmina Barrera's Linea Nigra," Los Angeles Review of Books, May 2022​

"Holding On: Ridiculous Light by Valencia Robin," The Rumpus, June 2019​

"That Complex Ghost," Los Angeles Review of Books, September 2018


"The Mouse and the Elephant," Southeast Review, October 2022​

"My Mother, Killing a Lizard," Paper Darts, September 2017 (magazine defunct) 

"A Story Can Be a Sonnet," Vol. 1 Brooklyn, September 2015

 "Aberrations, Anomalies," Necessary Fiction, March 2015

​"Carmella," Gigantic Sequins, January 2014 (print)​

"Other Woods," The L Magazine's Summer Fiction Issue, 2013 (print) 

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